Marketing Hack:

Here’s how you can easily segment and nurture prospects further using email marketing


See how I automatically copy all prospects from the ConvertFox Chat Widget to my Mailerlite account:


This chat widget is where we’ll get the data from.

When your website visitors click on this link, you can grab their email addresses (if they enter it) and add them automatically to your Mailerlite account.

On the next slides, I will show you how to do that.

Click on Login


Enter your account details

When you’re done, simply click on Sign In


Go to Settings


Then, click on Integrations


Enable Zapier


Click on “Click here to get the invite”


Click Login to Accept Invite


Enter your info and log in your Zapier account


Click “Create this Zap”


Click on “New Lead”


Click Save + Continue


Click “Connect an account”


This window will appear


Click on Access Token (ConvertFox)


Then, copy your Access Token


Paste the access code, then click “Yes, Continue”


When you’re done, this should show up.


Click on Save + Continue


Then click on “Skip Test & Continue”


Click “Continue”


Click on “Your zap currently lacks an Action step. Add one now!”


Click or look for Mailerlite


Select Create/Update Subscriber


Click on “Save + Continue”


Click on “Connect an account”


Go to Mailerlite and click on “Log in”


Enter your details and press “Login”


Click on your name


Then, select “Integrations”


Find “Developer API” and click on “Use”


Click on the “Copy” button to copy your API key


Then go to “Subscribers”


Go to “Group”


Then “Create new group”


Paste your API key here, and click on “Yes, continue”


Then, click on “Save + Continue”


Under the Subscriber group, click on the drop down


Click on the switch to turn on Setup Preview


Select the group name you’ve just created


Under “Email” click on the drop down again


Then, select “Email”


Under “Name”, click on the drop down


Then, click on Name


(Optional) Under Resubscribe, click on the drop-down


Then select “yes”

The reason why you’d want to do this is that if the user unsubscribed, then that means that your zap will fail.


(Optional) Under country, click on the drop down


Then, select “Country Name”


(Optional) Under City, click on the drop down


Then, select “City Name”


Now, click on “Continue”


Click on “Send Test To Mailerlite”


As you can see, the test was successful


Now, click on Finish


And then, turn on your Zap


Now, when someone clicks on your ConvertFox chat widget


And when they type something…


And they enter their email address


And click on the “send” icon…


They will show up here

Further discussion:


Why did I include the country and city?

Including both of those elements will help me better segment my emails in the long run. The more info you can get from your prospects, the easier it will be for you to close the sale.