So how do you really resonate and connect with your dream clients?

Often times, it’s easy to pretend and act big. It’s easier to copy other people who are already “up” there.

? You know what’s easier though?

Trust me…

This is what resonates with most people.

Be you.

Resonate and connect with your dream clients

How do you accomplish this?


Be open about yourself

There’s nothing better than being yourself and just be you. While it’s easy to act big and cover your flaws, this is what actually is looking for. They want to resonate with you. This means that they want to learn more about you, your flaws, your mistakes, your failures.

Geez, they even want to learn about your f*ck ups.

You, not giving them access to who you really are is not disserving your dream clients badly.

Be where they are

Your dream clients are easier to access and network with. In a world where everything is connected online, you can easily find them on  any forums or blogs or social networks.

For example, if you are doing advertising, then most likely, your dream clients will be on Facebook groups, or any forums related to advertising.

I’m asking you to resonate and connect with your dream clients. 

Now, obviously, I’m not asking you to spam.


Networking is a great way to resonate and connect with your dream clients.

You can go network online, or offline, by going to events, or Facebook lives/groups.

The most important thing here is you need to make a connection with your dream clients.

Provide value, interact, and speak to them. This is easy and free to do.

Just be consistent and always show up.

So that’s my top three on how you can resonate and connect with your dream clients.

What is yours?