My mission is to help entrepreneurs like you transform your personal brand to connect with your dream clients.

When I was just starting out, doing tech stuff was the easy part. The hard part? Connecting with my dream client on a deeper level, to get them to buy whatever service I’m offering.

You see, I have a technical background. My formal education consists of having a Bachelor’s Degree in IT. I’ve also had the chance to work with companies big and small. Throughout the years, I’ve learned different tactics and strategies that make or break a sale.

It’s never about the tools you use, or what other people say. It’s all about having clarity.

That’s why I believe that having your brand stand out, and become the “ace” in your client’s mind is better than best.

I did the hard work because I’m all in towards achieving your success.

Aside from being a brand strategist, I’ve extended my knowledge arsenal by aligning what I needed to learn to what my clients wanted to achieve with their businesses.

That’s exactly why I’ve taken marketing certifications to serve you better.

How We Can Work Together

Are you the most relevant choice in your market yet?

Brand Consulting

Get a clear, no bullsh*t advice from me. I deliver results, unlike other "experts." The clarity that you'll need to scale up your income and to increase impact is just a touch away. Strategizing how to position you as the top choice in your niche is key.

Done For You

Does your brand connect with your dream clients on an emotional level? I'll help you connect with your clients on a gut-deep, emotional level. We'll use time-proven techniques to position your brand to be the "ace" in your client's mind.

Marketing Courses

You know what's way better than earning a few bucks? Learning how to attract people's attention to create a tribe that will follow you everywhere, and have them pull their wallets out each time you speak.

You’re Coach Rack Bootcamp is loaded with information to help beginners start their own business. He provides step by step instructions and videos. I recommend this to anyone interested in building a business or gain more knowledge to build the business you have now! Great job Rg! Christina Hughes Salus

Life Coach, De-Clutter Diva

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