Make your brand resonate with you and your dream clients

Do you want to become the most relevant choice in your industry?

As an entrepreneur, you have just about 27 million competition that you are fighting against.

That’s in the US alone. My goal is to bring your message out clearly and consistently with your brand.

Ready to get serious and grow?

How We Can Work Together

Are you the most relevant choice in your market yet?

Brand Consulting

Get a clear, no bullsh*t advice from me. I deliver results, unlike other “experts.” The clarity that you’ll need to scale up your income and to increase impact is just a touch away. Strategizing how to position you as the top choice in your niche is key.

Done For You

Does your brand connect with your dream clients on an emotional level? I’ll help you connect with your clients on a gut-deep, emotional level. We’ll use time-proven techniques to position your brand to be the “ace” in your client’s mind.

Branding Courses

You know what’s way better than earning a few bucks? Learning how to attract people’s attention to create a tribe that will follow you everywhere, and have them pull their wallets out each time you speak.

I recommend working with Rg and taking advantage of his courses. They are so helpful! I was a complete newbie and he was able to help me with some issues I was having with my own online courses and membership site. Five stars! Katherine Kline

Founder, Rock Your Retirement

Why invest in my personal brand?

Think about this… if you’re an entrepreneur, you’re either selling two things: a product or a service.

On the bright side, that sounds exciting. But then reality kicks in, and kicks in… hard.

There are 27 million other entrepreneurs out there. How do you stand out?

Let me help you bring out the confidence and clarity of your brand while providing credibility and attracting your dream clients, for being you.

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